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Bookshelf: Psychology

Quick Read: The Power of Colours

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The festival of colours in Holi has an ancient origin and celebrates the triumph of ‘good’ over ‘bad’.

For many people topics like this one appears to be more superstitious than anything else. But in the case with the emotional influence of the colours, we have true science behind it. Let’s think it trough. In nature the colours are a common and quite efficient way of communication. Some animals use bright colours to repulse predators, while in other cases colour patterns are key for attracting a mate or to distinguish the mature animals in pack. Same rules apply for our modern society. Despite a colour meaning can slightly differ given the geographical location, nature has imprinted in our heads a primal colour communication system. Each colour and colour mixture has a unique emotional charge that sends messages to everyone around us. Further down in the article we are going investigate each primal colour and it’s influence in different aspects of our life. This would help you identify hints about the moods and intentions of the people around you, based on their colour preferences only. Your date has a red dress, so maybe she is in for a wild night. Your new boyfriend loves blue and you can expect loyalty from him. Read through this comprehensive guide to the beautiful world of colours, and start deciphering their powerful subliminal signals.

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Quick Read: Nietzsche, intoxication, creativity

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 “Art reminds us of states of animal vigor; it is on the one hand an excess and overflow of blooming physicality into the world of images and desires; on the other, an excitation of the animal functions through the images and desires of intensified life; an enhancement of the feeling of life, a stimulant to it.” ~ Nietzsche, 1887

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