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“House of Horror” by Gaetano Abbondanza Free Gamebook

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“There are unimaginable horrors within these walls. Escape if you may…”

“House of Horror” Gamebook info:

Language: English | Genre: Horror Gamebook | Pages: 81 | Difficulty: 4/10 | Format: Kindle, ePub, PDF

Gamebook Introduction and instructions

The story

You are a travelling salesman in his first week of a new employment. You’ve already made a number of presentations and arranged a couple of deals. Not too bad, but you really want to impress your new bosses. So in the late hours of this unwelcoming and foggy evening, you are driving to the isolated mansion of your next customer. After a couple hours you finally arrive to his estate, but apparently you come earlier than expected. Therefore will have to stay over for the night. The very little you know however, that horrible nightmares and hellish creatures will haunt you for crossing the threshold of this cursed house.


Before jumping into this thrilling action-mystery, let’s get you through the basics first. You would need a few things to play the game:

  • Adventure Sheet, Pencil and a Rubber – you will use them to write down and keep track on your main attributes. They are going to change throughout the book, but more about this in a bit. For your convenience we prepared an Adventure Sheet for you, print it out or redraw it if you wish.
  • Two Dice – they will be needed to determine your and your foe’s attributes. If you like you can use a phone app instead of real dice.


Game mechanics

As the main character of the book your goal is to survive till the end of the story. You start with 4 main attributes that reflect on how the game unfolds: SKILL, STAMINA, LUCK and FEAR.

  • The Skill  value determines your fighting experience and how well you handle a fight. It is also used to calculate your and your enemy’s Attack Strength in battle. To determine your Initial Skill  roll a die and add 6 to the number. In this adventure you begin unarmed, so you need to deduct 3 points from your Initial Skill value. Write down the final number under Skill. Don’t forget that even with a weapon you cannot exceed the Initial Skill value.
  • Stamina represents your health. It might decrease or increase during the game, but once it drops to 0 you lose. To determine your Initial Stamina roll both dice and add 12 to their sum. This is your starting and maximum health, so write it  down under Initial Stamina.
  • Luck is also a factor in the game. It gives you the opportunity to test your luck to avoid a dangerous situation, but if you are unlucky you might get yourself into a big mess. To see your Initial Luck roll a die and add 6 to the number. Throughout the game you`ll be prompted to use your Luck whenever possible. To test your Luck in the game you need to roll the dice. If the number is lower than your Current Luck – you succeeded, if not – you lose. In both scenarios you will have to subtract a Luck point. In Battles Luck helps you to inflict greater damage to your foe, or to minimize the damage you are about to take. If you are lucky in offence you inflict 2 extra points of damage to the usual 2. But if you are unlucky you slightly wound the creature with only 1 point Stamina. If you have been wounded you can use your Luck to minimize the wound to only 1 point instead of 2. But if you are unlucky you lose an extra point of luck.
  • Fear. Another way of dying in this game is by getting frightened to death.This happens when due to events from the game you build up your Fear to the maximum you can bare. To determine your Maximum Fear roll a die and add 6. Write it down, and play the game in a way that you never reach that number.


Important part of the game are the battles. Your enemy’s Skill and Stamina will be instructed in the book. Write them down in the Encounter Box and begin the fight:

1. Roll the dice and add the number to your enemy’s Skill. This sum gives you its Attacking Strength and you need to write it down in the encounter box.

2. Do the same for yourself and add your Attack Strength in the encounter box.

3. If your Attacking Strength is greater than your enemy’s, you have successfully wounded him (go to step 4). If your enemy’s Attacking Strength is greater than yours, you’ve been hit (go to step 5). If your Attacking Strengths are even, then you have missed each other’s blows and you start over from step 1. 

4. For damaging your foe, you subtract 2 points from his Stamina. You may use Luck now to try doubling the damage.

5. You have been wounded and you must subtract 2 points of Stamina. Once more you can use Luck at this stage.

6. After making all adjustments to the Stamina and Luck stats, start over again from 1-5, until the Stamina of one of you drops to 0.

Good luck

This is pretty much everything you need to know to get started. You will receive further instructions as you read. Last thing to note – the book is divided into paragraphs out of chronological order. Follow the game and don’t read passages you haven’t reached yet. Now we can now only wish you good luck in surviving the endless night ahead of you.

Free download: “House of Horror” by Gaetano Abbondanza GameBook


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