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“The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri Free eBook

“The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri Free eBook
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“All hope abandon, ye who enter here.”

“The Divine Comedy” Download info:

Language: English | Genre: Epic Poem | Written: c.1308 | Pages: 384 | Difficulty: 9/10 | Format: Kindle, ePub, PDF

“The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri eBook:

In “The Divine Comedy” Dante tells the story of his epic journey through the depths of the afterlife. The poem is divided into three logical parts (canticas) – the first one is “Inferno”, the second is “Purgatorio” and the final is “Paradiso”.  

All begins with Dante being lost in a dark forest, symbolizing the man’s lost soul, seeking salvation.Attacked by different beasts (sins) he is finally saved by Virgil and together they head out to the infernal underworld. The first circle of hell is called Limbo, where all people who didn’t accept Christ go. Next comes the circle of Lust where all seduced by their carnal temptations get punished. The third circle of Hell redeems the sins of Gluttony. There the selfish sinners lie blinded and sightless guarded by Cerberus. In the forth circle (Greed) suffer those who strived for material goods all their lives. The fifth Circle punishes the Anger and those who submit to the wrath and refuse to let joy into their lives. The sixth circle consists of the burning tombs of the heretics and the people not believing in the eternal soul. With the seventh circle (Violence)  the architecture of hell becomes more complex. This circle is divided into three rings – for the violent against other people and property, for the  suicides and for the blasphemers and the violent against nature. The eight circle (Fraud) is divided into 10 Bolgias for each variation of this sin – from seducers to counterfeiters and imposers. The last ninth circle is the eternal punishment for the traitors. It is divided into 4 rounds and the last one holds the greatest sin of them all – treason against God.

After escaping Hell, Dante heads out to the mountain of Purgatory, located on an island, where Satan’s fall formed the land. It has seven terraces, representing the seven primal sins. Unlike the Inferno, the sins here are more biblical and rather focused on motives more than on actions. The seven sins are Wrath, Envy, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony and Greed. This part of the poem represents the Christian life, each soul arriving with an angel to face the sinful temptation of their lives on the way to salvation.

Dante’s journey ends in Heaven. There Beatrice guides Dante through the nine celestial spheres of Heaven. They deal solely with with the cardinal values of Prudence, Fortitude, Justice and Temperance.

Free download: “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri eBook

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“The Divine Comedy” eBook by Dante Alighieri” .mobi Download

"The Count of Monte Cristo"  ebook

“The Divine Comedy” eBook by Dante Alighieri” .ePub Download

"The Count of Monte Cristo" ebook

“The Divine Comedy” eBook by Dante Alighieri” .PDF Download

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